Stair Lifts – Make Your Life Easier

Stair lifts are almost irreplaceable for a growing number of households, since the population grows older. Despite that, most older people prefer to keep living independently as long as they are able to, which means the necessity of modifying homes for the needs of such people. Stair lifts offer one of the most efficient and convenient modifications for people with limited mobility.

Basically, installation of such a lift at home allows a person to move around a multi-storey house much easier, thus providing him/her with an opportunity to live independently longer. This also reduces the worries of the family members, who might have serious concerns about the well-being of their parents or grandparents.

Given such a growing demand for stair lifts, it is not surprising that the variety of their types is only growing. At the present time, there are 5 common types of stair lifts. Each particular type is designed to interact with a specific staircase. All in all, here you can see differences between these stair lifts.

Straight Stair Lifts

This is the type of the most inexpensive and overall simplest stair lifts. Usually, this appliance is usually installed right along the side of a totally straight staircase. Given such a simple installation process, many families tend to install such inexpensive lifts. However, it is not suitable for every house and/or staircase.

Straight lifts come with a number of benefits, such as an ability to install the life on either side of the staircase, an ability of armrests and footrest to fold up when not needed, and a retractable rail with seat. Oftentimes, such lifts have the function of a power swivel, which means that you can be safely and automatically pulled to the landing at the top.

Curved Stair Lifts

If the type of staircase in your house doesn’t allow you to install a straight lift, it is likely you will need to look for a curved stair lift. Actually, such a lift must be customized exactly to match your staircase, which makes it much more costly.

Yet, these lifts come with such an advantage like an ability to match specific requirements. For instance, such lift may be suitable to a staircase encompassing multiple floors, have a landing between floors, or even be adjusted to the complex spiral staircases. They are typically easy-to-use and come with all the features that the straight lifts have.

Standing Stair Lifts

This type of lifts was created for people who have problems with sitting and standing because of inflexibility in the lower parts of the body or pain. While some such lifts come with elevated seat, the remaining ones may be without any seat at all – just for upright standing. Usually, such lifts suit straight or curved staircases.

Outdoor Stair Lifts

Depending on the staircase specifications, this type of lifts can be also be either straight or curved. Outdoors lifts are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, such as low and high temperature extremes, rain, snow, etc. Usually, such lifts have a seatbelt, a foldable seat, a power swivel feature, and some unique features that are available only in outdoor lifts.

Platform Stair Lifts

These lifts can also be adjusted either to straight or curved staircases and are designed for people with special devices, such as walkers or wheelchairs. A platform lift can have either an open platform (i.e. with no doors or sides) or an enclosed one.

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