Sell Your House – Tips For a Fast Sale

Selling real estate is never easy and quick for most people. This is a thorough, time-consuming process, which, if done right, might be completed in a reasonable time. And while it is not that easy to sell my house, it is worth to note that the home selling process is the same for both sale through a listing agent or sale on your own.

In order to sell my house, the first thing to do is to find a listing agent. In short, a listing agent is your representative, who has a fiduciary responsibility to pursue your best interests. At this point, you should interview at least several agents and try to hire the most experienced one. Ask all the most important questions about your listing agreement, such as the length of time of listing of your house.

Then, you should definitely find out the actual price of your house. It is a must to know the real worth of the house before attempting to sell my house. Actually, it is an ordinary mistake of sellers, who overprice their houses and cannot sell them for a long time. Check the reports of property sales in your area and consider whether the market in your area is “hot” or “cold.”

The next step should be to market your house. Make sure that its pages on the internet contain all necessary images and descriptions. It is noteworthy that selling house in the winter season might not be the best idea – the sales are lower, and your house is likely to rake in a far higher price if it to be sold in the spring.

How to price your house

If you have priced the house right, you are likely to receive multiple offers. That’s the time when you have to negotiate over the price – don’t ignore the offer even if it seems like a ridiculously low one. Don’t be afraid to make a counteroffer, and don’t hesitate to demand a full price – especially if the market conditions are behind your reasoning and your price is competitive.

Once you have found a buyer, you can open escrow and order a title policy. At that point, you should write down (specify) the contact information for the closing agent and select a date of the deal closure – that’s the time when the buyer’s loan must be deposited into account. Then, schedule an appraisal appointment and clean the house before the appraiser arrives.

Now, it is needed to cooperate with home inspection in order to sell my house. You may ask your agent to provide you with an inspection checklist, so you will know what the inspector would want to see. There is a chance that if a buyer requests to repair something and you refuse, he/she may have a right to cancel the contract (we recommend you to consult your agent about it).

At the end, you should provide delivery seller disclosures, which are mandatory by law. Then, as soon as both parties are ready to close the deal, you may meet the buyer with his agent (and your agent as well), escrow documents and sign the title. Make sure to bring a valid ID of yours. Eventually, close the escrow and leave the house on the date, specified in the agreement.

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