Internet & TV Providers – How to Pick A Good Company

Unfortunately, the number of internet & TV providers in the United States is decreasing, as the market consolidation is becoming more and more obvious. That, unfortunately, impacts many customers, since the competition is becoming less intense on the market. Nonetheless, there are still enough decent operating companies, so you can switch to a new provider fairly quickly.

Choosing an internet provider alone can be tough. The case is even worse, if you need to get a cable TV service, too. In that case, you should carefully analyze internet & TV providers in your area and decide: should you choose a different internet provider from a TV provider? Or getting the same provider for both services won’t negatively affect your bills and level of service? All in all, check how to pick an internet provider below.

Find Out What Is Available In Your Area

In the first place, you should figure out what internet providers are available in your area. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, many providers serve clients only in certain areas of particular states. Secondly, prices, speed, package lineups and deals may also vary, depending on the location.

So, this is the time when you should check out internet providers that provide services in your area and write them down. The easiest way to do that is looking up by zip code. You can also write down which of these internet providers also offers cable TV, too. That may help you to find an internet provider that will offer a decent cable TV service as well.

Compare Offers

Once you have got a selection of internet & TV providers that offer services in your area, you should start analyzing the offers and select the most suitable companies for you. In particular, these are some of the factors you may consider when seeking an internet provider:

  • Tariff plans and pricing
  • Installation and equipment costs
  • Speed
  • Data caps and fees.

Likewise, you may also analyze the prices for cable TV, TV plans, and the number of channels that will be available to you. Besides, checking customer reviews about that particular company should be a good idea, too. Yet, it is recommended to point out several key factors and not to overload the list with dozens of parameters.

Get to Know How Much Speed You Need

At this point, it is time to figure out what type of internet speed do you need – this will directly influence your bills. The lower the internet speed is, the less expensive tariff plans you may choose. This is the moment when you need to strike a balance between the price and the quality of internet. If you are a housewife, it is unlike that you need the most expensive tariff plan.

But overall, there are several questions you should ask yourself when determining what kind of internet speed you need:

  • How often do you stream videos of HD or higher quality? For a good performance of 1080p videos, you need around 5 Mbps. Yet, 25 Mbps are needed for streaming 4k. Choose your tariff plan accordingly.
  • How many smarthome devices are connected to the network?
  • How many people regularly stream videos and movies in your home?

Find Out Your Current Internet Speed

Now, since you know approximately what kind of an internet speed you need, you should test your current internet speed and see whether it is up to your needs. It is likely that you already have an opinion about whether your internet lives up to your needs. Yet, getting to know your speed will help you compare it against the alternatives.

Decide If You Need to Change a Provider

Now, you are in possession of all the information necessary for making a decision. After such an analysis, do you think it would be worth to switch internet & TV providers? And if so, which company would you choose?

If you decided to switch to a new provider, just select it (based on the criteria chosen above), contact that company, and arrange a visit.

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