Home Security Alarm – Be Safe At Home

Home security is essential to, perhaps, every person, as the risk of losing valuables may be quite high due to a number of reasons. And home alarm systems tend to be the most reliable and effective tools to combat different sorts of threats to your house. Therefore, installing alarm systems may provide a good value to many individuals.

In fact, home alarm systems have been on the market for quite some time. Yet, the latest wave of technological advancements has created a number of highly sophisticated systems, which help individuals protect their dwellings. For now, installing an alarm system tends to be among the cheapest and most effective methods of protecting the house.

Obviously, there may be different threats to the house. Therefore, it is somehow natural that there are different types of home alarm systems available on the market. This article discloses the 5 most common kinds of alarm systems.

Monitored Alarm Systems

Companies like Frontpoint or SimpliSafe offer the services of monitored alarm systems. Basically, these are something similar to the local alarm systems, as they, in addition to the alarm, also have a connection to the monitoring service. If the alarm will go off, the service to which the alarm system is connected will immediately receive the signal.

Right after the signal has been received, the agent will call you to ask whether the intrusion is real or it is just a false alarm. In a case of real intrusion, authorities will be notified right away about it, so the police may come within some minutes. Usually, monitored alarm systems also track other things in the house, such as carbon monoxide and fires.

Burglar Alarm Systems

When it comes to the home security alarm systems, this type is, perhaps, the key to the security of your house. Usually, such alarm systems include window, door sensors, and motion detectors. If any of the detectors or sensors spot the movement, a signal is sent to the central control panel right away. That, in turn, sets off the alarm signal and notifies authorities about the intrusion.

Usually, such home alarm systems are supervised by a centrally situated keypad. In most instances, there are also security signs on doors and windows – their aim is to scare off the possible intruders. One of the advantages of having such an alarm system is the ability to receive a discount on insurance after installing it.

Smoke Alarm Systems

This is another necessary device in the house, which protects your dwelling against fire and smoke. Such a system features either wireless or hardwired smoke detectors and strobe lights. More sophisticated smoke alarm systems also feature a heat detector and an in-home sprinkler system.

Critical Alarm Systems

These are the types of home security systems that notify authorities about leaks in the house. In such a case, even if you are on a vacation and there is a leak in your house, the authorities will receive a signal and repair the leak, before any significant damage is done to your house. Typically, such alarm systems must monitor your heating and plumbing.

Medical Alarm Systems

This type of an alarm system is essentially necessary for older people, as well as those individuals who have significant problems with health. Such a system sends an emergency button on the keypad of a home security system, thus notifying the authorities about an emergency.

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